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| 03/29/2021 | Dine, Downtown Visalia, Meeting Venues

You don't need us to tell you how much has changed over the past year or so. Almost every facet of our lives, both home and work, has been altered. Our connections with our work teams have changed including how we interact, team build and network. Many of us can no longer gather around the water cooler for a chat, or engage in meaningful collaboration. But don’t let the fact that your team is working remotely or that your lunches with clients have been curtailed prevent you from maintaining those great relationships or building new ones. 

Businesses still realize the importance of connecting with one another, whether it is with team members or clients. Many still have budget dollars available to support their team members as well as for client meetings.  If you are a business owner or manager wanting to support your team or are looking for ways to connect with clients, take note of what DoorDash and UberEats are doing to keep those lines of communication open and those relationships still viable through food. And the best part is that it also supports local restaurants.

Has your expense account been sitting idle for the past year? Don’t let those opportunities to connect go to waste even if you can’t meet face to face and utilize those dollars sitting unused in the expense account. Here’s how a few of the most popular food delivery services can help.

In these difficult times, employees are facing new challenges while working from home. One daily struggle is having to think about meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for themselves and their families.

To help make life a little easier for your team, DoorDash for Work is offering 3 “work from home” solutions that your business can consider. These are:

1. For expensed Meals set a food ordering budget for employees to enjoy expensed meals from DoorDash anytime, anywhere. Set ordering hours and spending limits based on your business' budget.

2. Employees can opt into DashPass, a monthly subscription that grants $0 delivery fees and lower service fees to diners on every order from a qualifying DoorDash restaurant. 

3. Utilized corporate Gift Cards as employee rewards that can be used towards meals from DoorDash restaurants. Your business can order gift cards in bulk and have control over the total number of cards and gift card amounts.

Uber Eats is also dialed in to the challenges employees and employers face and have made it easier for businesses to share a meal. Whether it’s providing a meal where they work, offering food for a virtual meeting, or showing your appreciation for what your team has accomplished during these challenging times, the gift of a meal is always welcome. 

Team meetings, workshops, holiday celebrations. Whatever the virtual occasion, you can provide your team with vouchers for Uber Eats and cover the cost of the meal.  Improve team morale and say thank you for a job well done by treating employees to their favorite meal with a voucher or Uber Eats gift card. 

Of course, you can go local all the way with the purchase of Downtown Visalian’s Gift Checks. Good at most of the restaurants in the downtown area, the gift checks support local mom and pop businesses.

One of the positives of this past year is how many businesses have been able to shift to a new way of doing business. And even as the world begins to reopen we can still reach out and virtually share a meal together.

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