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Meet Jill Gearin, who became one of only 3 female broadcasters in the 160 minor league baseball teams across the US and Canada, when she was hired in 2018 as the voice of the Visalia Rawhide, the local AAA affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

A transplant from southern California, Jill is relatively new to the area. So, what are her thoughts on Visalia? Read on to see where she thinks visitors will hit a home run with great food and outdoor activities. We caught up with Jill to find out what a baseball broadcaster does in her (very rare) spare time here in Visalia. We have to admit, the answer to her last question brought tears to our eyes! 

Q: Though you didn’t grow up in Visalia, it has become your hometown. What were you surprised to discover about Visalia when you first moved here?

I was surprised at how big Visalia is! I thought of it as a smaller agriculture-based town, but I realize it is a larger city. I also loved learning at how much the agriculture business is connected to everything in Visalia. 

Q: What were some of the first places your co-workers said were “must-sees” in the area when you joined the team?

They told me going Sequoia National Park was a must visit! They also pointed out a lot of great restaurants on Main Street and surrounding areas. The first restaurant they took me was Azul, which is a Mexican restaurant off Demaree.

Q:  When family and friends come to visit, where do you like to take them for dinner?

The two restaurants I take them to are Stacked Bar and Grill and Fugazzi.

Q:  As a sports enthusiast, do you have a favorite outdoor destination to go to when you aren’t broadcasting a Rawhide game?

When I am not broadcasting, I love to relax. The best way to do that is go hiking in the Sequoias. Adventure Park also has a lot to do outside whether it's go-karts, batting cage, etc.

 Q: Downtown Visalia is known for its great restaurants and vibrant nightlife. Do you have a favorite place to go when hanging out with your friends?

When my girlfriends are in town we will go to Rookies (a local sports bar, no surprise,) which turns into a club atmosphere at night. If we want a more lowkey night, we will go to BarrelHouse Brewing Co which is a local brewery.

Q: Coffee seems to fuel the world. Are you a coffee drinker and if so where do you like to get a great cup of joe?

Tazz Coffee is my favorite! You can get a regular cup of coffee or a fancier latte. They also have great food for breakfast.

Q: Part of the fun of going to a ballgame is the food. Whether it’s peanuts and cracker jacks or a Fry Bread Taco at a Diamondback’s game. What’s your favorite nosh at the Rawhide ballpark?

I love the carne asada nacho helmets! It is a lot of food and you can make just the way you like it. ( ie, no cheese or no salsa). It also comes with a soda or beer for the combo!

Q: You were working for the Boston Red Sox when they won the World Series in 2018, a team known for going 86 years without a World Series win. Was that your greatest baseball moment? Or was it when the Visalia Rawhide clinched the California League in 2019, after a 40-year dry spell?

I grew up a Red Sox fan, so it was AWESOME being there for the championship in 2018. However, broadcasting for the Rawhide was so different. I had the opportunity to get to know the staff, coaches, and players on a more personal level. I saw how this team with so much history (2021 is our 75th anniversary) had a faithful fan base that can put MLB fan bases to shame! Calling the walk-off hit that gave the Rawhide it's first championship in 41 years is hands down the best moment of my career. 

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